Magnificent Birds Of Paradise In Papua Island

The Birds of Paradise are among the most beautiful creatures on earth —and an extraordinary example of evolutionary adaptation. On this site, Indonesia’s provinces of Papua and West Papua, you can find what few have witnessed in the wild, the displays of color, sound, and motion that make these birds so remarkable. Then you can delve deeper, examining the principles that guided their evolution and the epic adventure it took to bring you all the species.
This region supports one of the only remaining large tropical forests in the world and is home to nearly half of Indonesia’s biodiversity. Over 600 species of birds are found in Papua, including 27 Birds of Paradise species, many of which live nowhere else on earth. 

The Birds of Paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. The majority of species are found in Papua (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea) and eastern Australia. The family has 42 species in 15 genera.

Global interest in Papua’s birdlife is leading to increased opportunity for wildlife tourism and bringing newfound economic benefits to local communities. Sustainable development is not only important for the future of Papua’s forests and people, but also for the world.

The Cornell Lab’s Birds-of-Paradise Project is working with the Governments of Papua and West Papua and other international partners to further science, engagement and conservation of the region’s biodiversity with a focus on the Birds of Paradise.

Trancript by The Cornell Lab’s Birds-of-Paradise Project.

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