6 NASA Technologies To Get Humans To Mars In 2030s

NASA is sending humans to Mars as early as the 2030s. Technology will make the mission possible. Here are six things we are working on now:
  1. Advanced propulsion systems: To safely send astronauts on a two-year journey to Mars and back.
  2. Inflatable landing gear: To deliver heavier spacecraft than ever before. 
  3. High-tech spacesuits: That are highly adaptable, and have enhanced mobility.
  4. A home and lab on wheels: To travel around Mars and conduct experiments, and live and work on another world.
  5. Surface power systems: That operate regardless of location or weather.
  6. Laser communications: To stay in touch with Earth, and send more data at a time.
We will test many new technologies at the Moon before we send humans to Mars.

Source: NASA.

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