Amazing Detailed View Of Volcanic Activity On Mount Ibu, Halmahera, Indonesia

Mount Ibu or Gunung Ibu in local language, is a stratovolcano at the north-west coast of Halmahera island, Indonesia. The summit is truncated and contains nested craters. The inner crater is 1 km wide and 400 m deep, while the outer is 1.2 km wide. A large parasitic cone is at the north-east of the summit and a smaller one at the south-west. (Wikipedia)

This amazing video shows volcanic activity and crater overviews with latest details from flat topped volcanic dome, seen from drone. Filmed in the morning of March 10, 2020.

Only a few eruptions have been recorded from Ibu in historical time, the first was a small explosive eruption from the summit crater in 1911. An eruption producing a lava dome that eventually covered much of the floor of the inner summit crater began in December 1998. (

Source: Martin Rietze

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