Climbing China's Incredible Cliffs

Traveling to China is really one of the more unique travel experiences that I've had. It's got one of the most diverse landscapes that I've ever experienced.

These ancient karst formations have been sculpted by wind and water and millions of years of erosion into these beautiful natural sculptures.

As a rock climber you look at these rock formations and you can't help but be inspired. For me it's important not just to go and see these amazing landscapes but to interact with them. To get to climb on them is just the experience of a lifetime.

The stone here offers up gymnastic athletic movement and but it can also be very adventurous, sometimes dangerous but always beautiful. This is what we love to do to come to these beautiful natural areas and climb and explore and push ourselves mentally and physically.

China is relatively unexplored and new to climbers in to adventurers who want to go out and see something new and spectacular. These limestone karsts are some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world. 

You go into a landscape like this and it affects you and it changes you as a person and it inspires you as a climber. That's really the biggest part of it it's something that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Source: Cedar Wright (Climber) - National Geographic

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