Buying Your Own Personalized Pillow

It's Katie from Mattress Clarity. I put these together into 10 different categories to help guide you towards the right fit. We're going to go over all the details, including who each pillow is going to be a good fit for based on your sleep position. If you're ready to find out which pillow is right for you, stick around. 

These are the categories we're going to cover. We've got most luxurious, most eco-friendly, best personalized pillow, best for side sleepers, best for combination sleepers, best for stomach sleepers, best for back sleepers, best pillows for heavy sleepers, best cooling pillow and, last but not least, the best value pillow.

Next up on our list is the best personalized pillow, and the pick goes to Pluto Pillow. If you're not familiar, personalized pillows are basically companies that will take your sleep information and your basic health information and create a pillow that again personalized for you. That's why they call it a personalized pillow. 

There's a lot of companies out there that do that. My pick is for Pluto Pillow for a couple of reasons. First of all, I know a lot about pillows, but I'm also a certified sleep science coach so I know a lot about sleep as well. I really loved how detailed their survey questions were. 

You fill out a bunch of information about yourself, not only your height and weight, but your general sleep preferences, and they narrow down a lot of details as well. All that information is perfect for them to create a pillow just for you. They're going to use their own algorithm and their own set of materials and construction. 

Pluto Pillow does a good job. They basically have one design, but they have more than 25 variations of it. They have a cushion outer cover and solid foam core. You're not just getting one or two options that they make. Again, they do over 25 different variations using different fabrics and materials and overall designs. 

I give them my information and I got my pillow in the mail. It's cool to the touch because I told them I was hot sleeper and it's the perfect loft and firmness for back sleeping. 

I love the box that it came with. It came with a little bit of information to tell them why they picked the different things for me to help me understand how it's going to help me sleep better. I also think it has great customer support. 

You also get 100 nights to try your pillow out which is a great way to assess whether or not it's the right fit for you. The standard sized pillow is about $85 dollars. 

Source: Katie - Mattress Clarity

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