Educazio is an initiative to spread quality content globally, fighting digital garbage, making the online world a better place to be. 

The initial activity of this initiative began with the digitization of quality video material from trusted content creator on YouTube to English text. After that, the English master text is translated into various other languages.

Currently, Educazio is available in these languages: English, SpanishIndonesian, Vietnamese, and Russian - all are still in trial version. We continue to expand our coverage to other languages. Follow and support us by sharing information from Educazio with your friends and relatives.

We are also starting a blog about educational toys for children in a separate website at toys.educazio.com. A curated posts about the best educational toys available in the market today. Toys that positively develop children's cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, motor and physical skills. We focus more on STEM oriented toys. 

Give us your feedback so we could move forward and succeed.

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